SimPractice™ for Medical Assisting
SimPractice™ for Medical Assisting

SimPractice™ for Medical Assisting

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SimPractice™ for Medical Assisting
Virtual simulations, real-life encounters

Fully immersive, case-based simulation scenarios, SimPractice challenges students to apply their medical assisting skills in a safe, yet
realistic environment. Within the virtual SimPractice environment, students gain valuable experience in practicing key medical assisting skills. Along the way, they also expand their critical thinking abilities and develop so skills, such
as communication.
Students are challenged to make decisions and choose a course of action using a combination of case
background information, assessment findings, and unfolding events during the simulation.

SimPractice for Medical Assisting offers a variety of realistic virtual scenarios, including:

• Administering an Injection
• Applying Heat/Cold Therapy
• Blood Draw
• Electrocardiogram (ECG) Assessment
• Emergency Care
• Exam Room Preparation
• Hand Washing/Gloving
• Patient Communication
• Patient Visit
• Peak Flow Testing
• Vital Signs Assessment

Students can practice their therapeutic
communication skills through interactive
dialogue, including patient education and
interdisciplinary communication.

Skills and Procedures
Simulations include a mix of:
• Psychomotor skills
• Assessment skills
• Learner-led interventions
• Clinical decision-making/judgment

After-Action Reports
At the end of each simulation, a patient outcome the summary provides feedback on student performance. Clear visual indicators identify where correct and incorrect actions were taken, and where there’s room for improvement. Educators can also access student performance reports to easily track student progress and identify areas for remediation.


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